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For Parents

"A life coach can help young adults

gain clarity and direction"

Young people are under immense pressures in today's world? For the majority it can be a hugely confusing time in which life throws many new challenges and situations their way.

Coaching provides young people with a safe, comfortable space in which to work through and talk about areas of their life which they feel need attention.

"Coaching can look at all sorts of areas of life, it doesn't have to be confined to career"

Often for young people who appear to be struggligng the first port of call is counselling. While this may well be necessary for some, I believe that for many young people counselling comes with a stigma which may make them reluctant to participate. 

Coaching incorporates the same therapeutic space and independent ears to listen that counselling does, but offers a more forward thinking, proactive approach which will get your young adult  to set goals and actions to actively work on in order to achieve their desired life. 

Ask yourself these questions?

"Does your child express concerns and anxieties about their future?

"Does your child feel like they are falling behind and not fitting in?"

"Do you worry your child isn't talking to you about their worries?"

"Do you worry about the pressures society is placing on your child?"

If yes then why not book a FREE phone call for your young adult to find out more about coaching and what it can offer them.

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