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About coaching


My role as your coach

Coaching is something to be experienced rather than theorised and put into words. As your coach my role is to fully engage with you and to support you through your coaching journey. I will reflect back, and ask intuitive, challenging questions which will allow you to re-think, delve deeper and explore what you want from life.

Whilst I also have a diploma in counselling, I want to stress the difference between coaching and counselling. I believe that counselling often comes with a stigma attached, especially for young people. Coaching is forward looking and helps you clarify your goals and develop plans to achieve them. Whereas counselling, which is primarily focused on helping people to understand their past.


I will provide you with the space to work on whatever you feel would benefit you and create the life you want to lead.

An example of the 'wheel of life' - I often use this to guage an understanding of your life and what areas you would like to explore 

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