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Helping young people

Live life

Not live for the weekend

Lowri Victoria personal life coaching 

Welcome to Lowri Victoria coaching

Professional personal Life coach certified by The International Coaching Federation, trained through Full Circle Global. 

Specialising in coaching young people

lowri victoria personal life coaching for young people
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lowri victoria personal life coaching for young people

Benefits of coaching

Understanding personal aims and goals

Developing and exploring creativity


Self care and self awareness

Improving relationships

Discovering your true self

Becoming more confident in yourself and your future

Improving focus

Reaching health and fitness goals

Improving the balance of life

Time management and working more effectively

Taking control of your future


Life vision and Enhancement

Some reasons why people may benefit from coaching coached...

“Ive just graduated from university and I have no idea what to do next”

“I want a better grasp of my identity”

“I don’t want to live for the weekends, I want to feel content every day of my life”

“I want to feel more fulfilled and content with my career”

“I want to create and stick to a better daily routine”

“I have just ended a relationship and I feel lost with what to do next”

“Every Sunday I dread the week ahead and count down till the weekend”


“How much does a coaching session cost”​

Transformative coaching is designed to take place over 6 sessions over the course of roughly 6 months (one session a month) this gives you the time in-between sessions to work on your the actions you set yourself. However, I can also work on a session by session basis depending on what is best for the client.


One hour session-£70                       Package of 6 session - £400

"What is the difference between coaching and counselling"

The main difference is that Coaching is action oriented and counselling is coping oriented. Coaches help you recognise what you think were as counsellors also want to help you realise how you feel. A coach will focus exclusively on the present and the future and a counsellor often focuses on the past.


Although I specialise in coaching I also have a counselling qualification and can appreciate where one method might be more appropriate and often find both can be incorporated to suit the clients needs.

“Im not sure I can afford coaching at the moment”

Investing in yourself is one of the most important things you can do. 

We don’t question when we buy a new outfit for a party to make us feel good.

We happily buy a Starbucks every morning before work to give us a boost or pay our Netflix subscription so we can watch our favourite series. 

Just like clothes and coffee, coaching is a form of self care, something which will only benefit our life and our futures. Therefore I believe you can’t put a price on self-improvement. 

"What are the benefits of coaching for a young person"

 I believe the popularity of coaching comes from the fact it's very much forward thinking. Counselling often comes with some stigma attached, and talking about the past may not always be useful for some people. Coaching is all about the future and improving yourself. It's particularly attractive to young people who may feel a sense of purposelessness in early adulthood years as it can provide them with space to talk through options and goals for their future life without pressure or judgment. 

“What can I expect to do during a coaching session”

Each session is client led. As the coach, I am there to guide you but not to do the work for you. In the initial session we will work through a ‘wheel of life’ in which you will be asked to rate different areas of your current life eg ‘emotional wellbeing’, ’health and fitness’ ,’relationships’ , ’career’. Following that you will set a goal you want to work towards over the 6 sessions. In each of the following session we will look at setting milestones and action plans to take in order to achieve the goal.

Emma, 22 Uxbridge 

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